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Weight Control Pills see that ideological independence, academic freedom, creativity, and social hot trends, and the commercialization of popular culture to maintain distance and cultivate the comprehensiveness of personnel, reflective, Weight Control Pills harmonious Development is the soul of university and university education, which is incompatible with the singleness, instrumentalization, professionalism and non-criticalness of the goal of utilitarian, practical, technical, short-term and personnel training of university education Weight Control Pills With extreme utilitarianism, pragmatism and labor Rational Thinking Inspecting that the research, teaching Weight Control Pills and construction of universities and colleges are not made. In terms of benefits, indiscriminate and indiscriminate demands are short, flat, fast and immediate. This short-sighted view, short-term behavior, It is very harmful. The current university administration lacks Weight Control Pills the wisdom of China and does not understand the relationship between being and doing nothing and lacks flexibility. They Weight Control Pills are weight control pills really tube professors, and the tube is too small and trivial, ba

sed on the premise of distrusting professors. Many evaluation Weight Control Pills indicators, quantitative criteria or assessment system for college education and teachers expose many Weight Control Pills problems, the weight is not Weight Control Pills heavy, the complete loss of the ability of academic tasting, such as the level of papers to determine the level weight loss diet plan with banana of papers, blindly emphasize the form, Gimmick, flower shelf. A lot of educational institutions issued a lot of practices, especially the evaluation system oriented, do not learn, do not accumulate, encourage a lot of useless garbage wieght loss pill or foam, is tantamount gaia weight loss products to forced prostitution, killing chicken, which is likely to ruin the future of university education. This is not only about boiling and Weight Control Pills disturbing literary Weight Control Pills criticism and formalism what are appetite suppressants by whole body weight loss exercises university teachers. For example, there are so many voluminous and numerous reports that endlessly encourage the declaration, assessment, assessment, inspection and defense of drilling camps and their Resulting in manpower, material and financial resources serious waste of the problem also not only with engineering Weight Control Pills thinking, engineering method

Weight Control Pills

s to evaluate the humanities Weight Control Pills or social sciences, on the scale, the reference system simply ignores the disciplinary issues not only Is the current bureaucratization of the evaluation agencies, evaluation indicators and the system itself, that is, become the real issue of academic corruption. In fact, it Weight Control Pills is about the philosophy and goals of the university. Weight Control Pills Universities can have different ideas and goals of running a school, but Weight Control Pills their common content has Weight Control Pills the following three aspects First, of course, universities should serve the community, but they can not just focus on serving the reality. The University is responsible for cultural heritage and cultural accumulation. The first goal of the university is the inheritance of mankind and ethnic civilization. On the basis of sympathetic understanding of the pre-modern civilization, Weight Control Pills the goal control pills of the university is to integrate the language, literature, history, religion, ethics, morality, culture Weight Control Pills and ethics of all ethnic groups, Cultural, cultural, artistic, philosophical, economic, social, political, scientific, techni

cal and other cultural resources through the retranslation, understanding, interpretation, exchange, communication, integration, and critically inheritance and creation of transformation, from generation to generation. Through in-depth research and education, to promote the inheritance, abandonment and development of Weight Control Pills Weight Control Pills human and ethnic civilizations Weight Control Pills and cultures, it is the universitys mission. Globalization by no means weight control implies the dissolution of local weight loss estimator cultural good fat burners for males resources. On the contrary, globalization just requires us to explore the universal value of indigenous knowledge. Second, the University is charged with teeth wiring for weight loss the task of cultivating social capital and weight pills cultural capital. Ten years of trees, century tree. The goal of the university is also Weight Control Pills to cultivate a large number of Weight Control Pills individuals who are individualized, creative, judicious and ethical, capable of continuous learning, life-long education Weight Control Pills and self-improvement. At the diet pills muskogee ok same time, they are Weight Control Pills is lipton diet green tea good for you free to develop and have social criticism and cultural criticis

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