What is Jam Roll?

Jam Roll is a 20 horse power Rolls-Royce, chassis number GVO-40, registration OU 2938.  It was one of the last 20hp chassis to be made.  The car was fitted with a custom made ‘D’ back limousine body that was made by Page and Hunt.  It was one of only a few bodies made by the coach builders for Rolls-Royce.


What is the significance of Jam Roll & Eccles to Scouting?

In 1929, Olave Lady Baden-Powell, was asked to ascertain from the Founder what gift he would like to celebrate the twenty-first birthday of Scouting.  He replied, “A pair of braces”. 

Scouts around the world were asked to donate a penny per member and sufficient was raised to buy a custom built Rolls-Royce car (Jam Roll), a caravan (Eccles), a portrait by David Jaggar and the sought after pair of braces.  The car and caravan were then presented to B-P on 10th August 1929 at the Arrowe Park Jamboree.  B-P named the car Jam Roll, to reflect both the Jamboree and Rolls-Royce, and the caravan he named Eccles, after its manufacturer. 

Jam Roll was subsequently sold into private hands following Olave Lady Baden-Powell’s return to the UK after the second world war.  She gave Eccles to then The Boy Scout Association.  The Scout Association now displays Eccles at Gilwell Park, its national headquarters and training centre.


Who owns Jam Roll?

From 1945 until July 2008, Jam Roll belonged to a succession of private owners, the last having bought Jam Roll in 1986 and who kept it for 22 years.

In July 2008, Jam Roll was bought by B-P Jam Roll Limited, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales, registration number 6366472.  The company has been granted charitable status in the UK, registration number 1124591.


What are the owner’s objectives?

B-P Jam Roll Limited was established in 2007 to acquire, preserve, maintain and display (either directly or in partnership with others) items of memorabilia and other artefacts linked to the Scout Movement as the trustees of the company deem fit.

With regards to Jam Roll, the company’s specific objectives are :

  • to return the car to Scouting.
  • to preserve and maintain it.
  • to offer it to major Scouting events.

This is so that Jam Roll may play a part in the future of the Movement as well as its past. Thanks to the generosity of a number of donors and a loan, we have achieved the first of these three objectives.  We are now seeking support to achieve the second and third.


Who are the directors of B-P Jam Roll Limited?

The Hon. Michael Baden-Powell (grandson of the Founder), Tony Harvey, Steve Hilditch and John Ineson.


Where will Jam Roll be displayed?

B-P Jam Roll Limited has reached an agreement with the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust for them to maintain and display the car to the public at their museum in Derby, close to where the car was built. 


Will Jam Roll be displayed with Eccles, the caravan, atGilwellPark?

The company’s original hope was to reunite Jam Roll with Eccles and for them both to be displayed at Gilwell Park. Unfortunately, this will not possible due to limitations of space at Gilwell Park. 


Who will conserve and maintain Jam Roll?

The Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust will maintain Jam Roll, using its volunteer specialist engineers. 


Who is allowed to drive JR?

Only selected drivers, approved by the company, are allowed to drive Jam Roll.  The car will only be driven on special occasions, such as major Scouting events.


Can I book Jam Roll for an event?

Jam Roll is available for use in the United Kingdom at:

  • events organised by recognised Scout and Guide units.
  • events organised by sympathetic charitable organisations (eg, Rotary International, Freemasons, Lions Club, Livery companies, etc).

Jam Roll may not be used :

  • by commercial organisations seeking to make commercial gain.
  • for hire or reward (eg, as a taxi service, for weddings, etc).
  • in connection with promoting any political or religious cause.

Before agreeing to Jam Roll appearing at an event, the Directors will want to be satisfied that the organisers can meet their requirements for transport, display, fund raising, security and insurance.  The decision of the Directors of B-P Jam Roll Limited, as to whether a particular event or use should qualify, is final.


What can we do with Jam Roll if we do book it for an event?

As you would expect, the Directors have defined some rules for displaying Jam Roll.  These are to safeguard the fabric, as well as the integrity, of the car.  These rules are available on request, via www.JamRoll.org .

The company is developing an Activity Pack for use by young people at events where Jam Roll is appearing.


Is there a charge to book Jam Roll for an event?

Yes.  The directors are building a fund to provide for Jam Roll’s continued preservation and maintenance.  The booking charge will go to that fund.  Full details of charges are available on request and will be commensurate with charges for other facilities you might book for an event.


How can I support the work of B-P Jam Roll Limited?

All donations towards the preservation and maintenance of Jam Roll will be gratefully received by the Directors.

All donors will receive a thank you and an acknowledgement.  Contributions of GBP £1,000 or more will qualify the donor to be a Patron.  Patrons will receive a Certificate and a thank you letter signed by Michael Baden-Powell.  Unless otherwise requested, they will have their names and Country of residence (but not the sum contributed) inscribed on a special Honour Board.  It is anticipated that the Patrons’ Honour Board will be displayed near Jam Roll wherever it is displayed.


Do donations qualify for tax relief?

In the UK, yes.  The Company has been granted charitable status.  Therefore, donations from UK tax payers do qualify for tax relief under the Gift Aid scheme.  Donors should use the Gift Aid form available from the company or from the website www.JamRoll.org .  Gift Aid will increase the value of contributions by a further twenty-eight percent (28%).

Outside the UK, donors from outside the UK are advised to consult with their financial advisors or home Scout Association on this matter.