The Project

To advance the education of the public in the history of the Scout Movement through the acquisition, preservation, maintenance and display (either directly or in partnership with others) of memorabilia and other artefacts linked to the Scout Movement as the trustees deem fit.

The first such item purchased is Jam Roll thanks to generous donations and a loan. It is intended to preserve, maintain and display the car.

Background: – During 1929, the Scout Movement celebrated its 21st birthday by holding a World Jamboree at Arrowe Park near Birkenhead England. To mark the occasion, Scouts from all over the world were invited to contribute one penny towards a suitable gift to the Founder and Chief Scout Lord Baden-Powell.

At the Jamboree, the President of the Boy Scouts of Denmark, presented the Chief Scout with a Rolls Royce Motor car [nicknamed Jam Roll (JR), Jam after Jamboree and Roll after Rolls Royce], a caravan, which B-P named “Eccles”, after the caravan maker, and a portrait of B-P in oils by David Jagger.

In thanking the Scouts for their gift, B-P confessed that in spite of his wife’s delicate inquiries; the only thing he required was a new pair of braces. Unfortunately, it was too late for the braces to be included in the official presentation, but two days later, the omission was made good by the Irish Scouts. When the Chief donned the new braces, he gave an impromptu jig to show his delight.

A unique feature of the car is the radiator mascot; the traditional Spirit of Ecstasy was replaced by the Scout fleur-de-lis with the motto “Be Prepared”. Both the car and caravan remained in the family until after the Founders death in 1941. On returning to England in 1938, Olave Lady Baden-Powell gave Eccles to Gilwell Park and in August that same year, she sold Jam Roll. Jam Roll has had a number of owners prior to its purchase in 1986 by the recent owners. Thanks to their support, Jam Roll and Eccles were displayed together for the first time in seventy years at Gilwell Park during the Centenary World Jamboree (2007). ‘Eccles’ has recently been refurbished and is still proudly displayed at Gilwell Park.

The Purpose: – With the assistance of a loan and some generous donations from a small group of Supporters, the Company has now purchased Jam Roll. This brochure is to invite you to become a participant in this exciting project by making a donation towards the up-keep and housing of Jam Roll together with possible further acquisitions of relevant memorabilia and artefacts.

Opportunity: – B-P Jam Roll Limited was established to support an ongoing program to help the community appreciate the history of Scouting. This purchase is of considerable significance towards the conservation of Scouting history, as it will help keep alive the legacy left to us by the Founder over 100 years ago.

Our next task: – Is to raise sufficient funds to provide for the ongoing up-keep and display of JR at a suitable location. Your donation will help achieve this objective by preserving a significant part of the history surrounding the Movement.

Charitable Status: – B-P Jam Roll Limited has been granted charitable status by the UK Charity Commission. Please see FAQ item 10.

Donations: – All donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Your donation is important because it will help B-P Jam Roll Limited achieve its objectives. (For further explanations, see FAQ item 11 and accompanying pay-in advice).