Jam Roll Clock


The clock in Jam Roll was not working correctly.

The task of renovation was taken on by Ross Allcock, a Scouter who works as an engineer at Smiths of Derby Clocks.

The main spring had been repaired before, but was now in 4 pieces!

Ross will be sourcing a new spring and fitting it in original form.


Presentation to RR Heritage Trust

The Directors of the BP Jam Roll Ltd presented a glass plaque to Ian Craighead, the head of the Heritage Trust.

This is in recognition of the tremendous work being done by the volunteer workers, under the leadership of Reg White.

Reg is one the country’s leading specialists on 20 HP Rolls Royce cars.



Does anybody have an old style flag emblem in nickel.

We are looking for one to use on the radiator of Jam Roll.

Any information to Steve on 07809 815000 or

Picture shows the style we require.


MOT and Tax

Jam Roll had a drive to the MOT station last Thursday – and sailed through the test.  Well done Reg and the team!

The run gave us chance to pick up any running glitches and adjustments required.

Fine tuning is due prior to our first booking of the season at Walesby Forest Camp Site 1st May then Ipswich on 2nd May.

Tax disc is on the way.


Repairs continue

Reg and his team at RR Heritage Trust continue their excellent work on Jam Roll.

Their latest challenge is to replace the oiler tubes free robux no human verification (a system where oil is delivered to all essential moving parts on the car).

Many are broken or missing so they will all be replaced to ensure proper lubrication.


Shop Open this week

At last our shop is open.
At the moment we have just 3 products for sale.
Colin Walker’s book on BP and his motors,  the new badge and a keyring LED torch
Press the shop button for details


Where to see Jam Roll

Provisional bookings for Jam Roll are:
1st May 2010 – Walesby Forest, Nottighamshire
2nd May 2010 – Ipswich
24th July 2010 – Peak 2010 Derbyshire


Jobs so far!

Engine working on 3.5 cylinders – head removed, valves replaced and or reground, head replaced – now on all 6 cylinders.

Exhaust pipe fittings are non-standard – replacement required

Engine oil badly emulsified, filters part blocked – cleaned out and flushed

Off side door pillar in poor condition, previous attempt at repair unsatisfactory – rotten wood frame removed, new aluminium section fabricated and fitted, re-assembled, door re-aligned (see photo)

Wiring in very dangerous condition – rewire is underway, cables have been manufactured to original styles.

Clutch finaly gave up – gearbox and clutch removed, parts inspected and replaced where required.

New clutch now working.

Exhaust pipe has been altered in the past and will need a new front pipe.  Silencer has had the missing bolts replaced to hold it in place

Professional spray job on the new scuttle and the drivers door.

Driver door window surround was repaired with body filler in the past – all removed and new wood frame manufactured and fitted.



Winter Work

Jam Roll is most fortunate to have a dedicated specialist team working on her over the winter.

Members of the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, lead by Reg White, are undertaking a methodical and professional overhaul of the car. Most are ex Rolls Royce workers and their skills and experience are something to behold.

A list of tasks undertaken and in process are shown on another news item.


Jam Roll Visits Kent Cubs

October 2009 saw Jam Roll on its first excursion to an event. Kent Cub day was held at the Historic Dockyard, Chatham. Many exited Cubs (and more so, leaders) took the oportunity to look round Jam Roll and take photos.

A very successful day out!!!