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What Tow Bar?

We still have not managed to find out what the tow bar looked like, or how it was attached to the car.

Does anybody have any photos that may show the connection method, or know how it was done in 1929??

Contact:  if you know

Patrons, Donors and Contributors

The new website has been populated with a list of our Patrons, Donors and Contributors, without whom we could not have got Jam Roll back into Scouting hands – a very big thank-you to every one who has helped or contributed.

We hope you will continue to support us.

Another new website!

The old website had terminal failure!!

Thanks again to Colin Slater for the re-build of this one.

Visitors from Oz

Friends of Michael BP, Graham & Jill Pretty, came to GB for a holiday and couldn’t resist a visit to RRHT to see how JR was comiing along.

They did seem impressed with how the work was coming on.


Lady BP Blue Plaque

A Derbyshire Guider nominated Lady BP to be comemerated with a Blue Plaque.

The plaque was erected in Chesterfield in what was the grounds of the now demolished West House.

Jam Roll visited for the unveiling ceremony which was conducted by Robin (Baden) Clay – a grandson of our founder.

Robin and his wife Sue were delighted to see JR and were driven to the reception in the car.


Peak 2010

Jam Roll went on holiday for a week at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.

The Peak International camps are held every 5 years and run by Derbyshire Scouts & Guides.

Jam Roll stayed at Chatsworth house by courtesy of the Duke of Devonshire and spent the daytimes meeting some of the thousands of visitors and campers


Glass Plaques

The company have presented glass plaques to RRHTand their members who made exceptional efforts on our behalf.

From the Left:  John Housley, Reg White, Jasper Houghton with Steve Hilditch


Mechanical Update

Almost all aspects of mechanical works essential to the long term future of the car have been done.

The one exception is the lubrication system to the King Pins (main steering pivots).

This aspect has given some concern since RRHT found that the lubrication system specific to the pins has been missing for a considerable time.

We have sourced some brass castings to replace those missing and will be making up the pipework to re-instate the one shot lost oil system.

There are still many less critical tasks to be undertaken during the winter period.


Website back up and running

After far too long we are back in business with the website.  Appologies to our many supporters and followers who have been starved of updated information about the project.

The very good news is that the work on Jam Roll has continued and each visit to RRHT reveals further work done by Reg and his team.

The next few News items will try to get you up to date with what has been going on!